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Off Road Racing

Welcome to the Trains and Lanes Hobbies 2014 Outdoor Off-Road Racing Thread. We would like to thank everyone for your continued support of our offroad racing program. 

Please check this LINK first for the latest schedule information. This page will be updated with the most current information and schedule changes throughout the 2014 racing season. Check the RCtech thread for the most up to the second information. 

Trains and Lanes Hobbies
3825 Northwood Ave 
Easton PA 18045
Physical GPS Address:
Store Hours
Mon-Tu-Wed 11am-6pm
Th-Fri-Sat 11am-8:30pm
Sun 12pm-6pm

Trains and Lanes has historically raced offroad only on Sunday. This year, in addition to our normal Sunday club and special races, a few of the Trains and Lanes special races are being held on a Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. We are also coordinating a few bigger races with some other neighboring tracks (stay tuned for details). Trains and Lanes is also hosting the 5th and final race of the ROAR Region 2 Outdoor Series on Saturday, September 6th. As a participating track in the series, we will not be racing on any series race weekends this year. Instead we encourage all of our our racers to support the series races instead. There is a list of the 2014 Region 2 series races at the bottom of this post. 

Please be sure to check the schedule below for actual race dates and times.

The Track